Have you ever been on a cruise ship?

September 8th | 2020
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Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Up until a couple of months ago I hadn’t either. When the invite came through to experience the launch night of the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, I decided to see what a holiday on the ocean had to offer. Any preconceptions I had about cruise ships were soon erased as I boarded what felt like a floating boutique hotel. We were shown to our Sea Terrace room, which combined with terrace hammock, rain shower and movable living area, it was instantly somewhere you felt you could both socialise and sleep in at the same time.

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After welcome champagne sitting on the terrace we travelled to the back of the boat for dinner at the Wake restaurant. With a choice of seafood and meat from the grill the atmosphere and food were exceptional. The evening entertainment followed, as we headed through the ship to experience what the onboard entertainment team had to offer. The show itself was a mixture of contemporary and immersive entertainment, the production and choreography were on a level I was not expecting, gone are the days of awkward cabarets; the show was a spectacle that was both emotive and jaw dropping. You completely forgot you were on a boat and felt like you’d travelled for a night out to experience a new and exciting state of the art show.

We finished the night (and onto the early hours of the morning) through the starlight mirrored corridor in the club, where the DJ kept everyone dancing. Every element of the service from the evening was amazing and though we didn’t partake in the morning spin class, it’s great to know that you can have both a great night out but look after your health and well-being on board the ship too.

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Before we said goodbye to our new favourite place we ate breakfast at the Razzle Dazzle restaurant where the impossible sausage breakfast sandwich revitalised me and left me feeling that I could do the whole night again. I definitely recommend the cruise if you’re looking for a way to travel the world in a new kind of luxury, which provides a little bit of something special for everyone. It merges the excitement of live shows, luxury customer service, guest DJs and experiencing new destinations all in one place.

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I attended the launch before we went into lockdown here in the UK and since then Virgin Voyages have been making changes to the way they operate to ensure the utmost safety when you set sail.

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To find out more about the safety measures they’re taking for both guests and their crew; including fair and flexible booking policies, pre-boarding health checks and increasing medical capacities on board all ships. They’ve also increased their digital capacities so you can now virtually queue for activities on board, order food to your cabin with contactless drop off and smaller socially distanced eateries. To find out more you can find the full list of the new measures here:

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