Valentine's Gift Ideas

February 11th | 2016


My choices: Sterling Silver Bracelet with Heart Clasp, Linked Love Ring, Heart to Hear Earrings, Love Locks Charm, Joined Together Charm, Filled with Romance Charm

Valentines day is quickly approaching and with it comes pressure and a need to make sure that you get your partner that perfect gift. Each year I find it gets tougher, so the fact that you can ask other people for some help is great!

 As you may have read in my previous Pandora post, they have this really awesome gifting tool on their website which allows you to tell them who you’re buying for, which occasion and what kind of jewellery style they have too, but most uniquely allows you to get the opinion of friends and family before buying a specific piece, so you can be 100% certain sure of your choice! ☺

 I’m sure a lot of people can get stressed out and worried about buying gifts for loved ones and we all want to make sure it’s the perfect gift. This is why it’s super important to get advise from friends / family and the fact that the Pandora gifting tool allows you to do this saves a lot of stress when trying to pick out the perfect piece on your own.

 So for those of you, like me that struggle with choosing your Valentine’s Day gifts, through the help of the gifting tool this can become a really enjoyable experience and take the stress away from worrying about what items to pick.

 Hopefully this will offer that little extra help you were looking for on this special day!

Steve x

This post is in partnership with Pandora.