Three Little Things

January 16th | 2014


I'm currently in Australia with Louis, Jake and my girlfriend Alexia. We flew out to meet Louis and embark on a mini roadtrip adventure up the east coast. So far it's been amazing!

I picked up these items from a store in Sydney called Maple on Kings Street. It's a very cool store with a great range of items; from Clothes to Men's grooming products. I wanted to pick up a few things that were easy to carry with me on the road as we don't have heaps of space available. So I chose some Richer Poorer socks as I really liked theirsubtle pattern and with rolled up jeans I thought they would look pretty cool. I also wanted to pick up some reading material for the journey; they stocked some alternative magazines that you wouldn't find in your average newsagents, I eventually went for issue 2 of Another Escape. I hadn't read this before but while  flicking through the images really grabbed me! The next item is Gameface moisturiser by Triumph & Disaster, as yet I haven't featured any male grooming / skin care products on here so I thought this would be a good start. It's really simple and has a very subtle scent. I went for this because of the intense sun in Australia will definitely dry out your skin. I'm really happy with it so far and would recommend it for a sun kissed face!

This is slightly different from my usual posts but I wanted to highlight a few items I've picked up on my travels. I also filmed a video which highlighted some cool spots in Surrey Hills and Kings Street in Sydney: I hope you enjoy it!