The New Original

April 24th | 2014

I recently got the opportunity to drive the new MINI and create a feature idea for their 'New Original'. The new model gathers the British MINI heritage and  teams it with all new features and technology. The idea of creating something classic with up to date details inspired me to look into the clothing style and activities that were popular in 1959 when the MINI first launched and that are still around today.

I  travelled up to London to find an outfit that carried the essence of late 1950s style but at the same time was smart and comfortable to drive in. After visiting a few shops I stumbled across a short sleeved shirt from Cos with subtle 1950s details but with a great modern pattern. Driving the MINI around London with it connected to my  phone allowed me to create a great soundtrack to the day and the ability to navigate through those winding London streets. The shoes I'm wearing I managed to find in Office and are the H By Hudson 'Moors Lace up', they reminded me of 1950s brogues but the shape of the sole and green suede material brought them up to date with current trends.

The day ended at Ronnie Scott's jazz club as it was also established in 1959 and is still loved today by so many people (not to mention myself). It's an amazing place to enjoy live music which includes traditional jazz and modern interpretations.

It was a great opportunity to create this post whilst experiencing the 'New Original' MINI and it definitely brought to light how many classic trends and places are still popular today. Definitely go and check out the 'New Original' website, you can design your own, I loved it! Also make sure you tweet me the pictures of the one you designed! Make sure to go and like the MINI Facebook page / follow the MINI Twitter as they have loads of really cool content that I love!