The Breakfast Club

June 24th | 2014


Last weekend Ben, Nicole, Alexia and I travelled to The Breakfast Club in Camden Passage, Angel. We had to queue for a little while but we didn't mind hanging out in the sun. Once we got in we weaved our way through the abundance of filled tables to our spot and one look at the menu confirmed that anything you had ever dreamed of for breakfast you could get right here. The interior is filled with random memorabilia that coincides with the 80's high school theme, which of course also links to the movie that shares the same name. I would definitely recommend ordering the jug of Orange juice, it's on ice and a perfectly refreshing drink to accompany your breakfast. All four of us ordered different things on the menu; I went for  the Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito which in my opinion was a little bit too spicy for a breakfast/brunch option. Alexia had the Chorizo Hashbrowns, Nicole the Bacon and Banana French Toast and Ben had the Eggs Benedict.

Overall The Breakfast Club had a great atmosphere and a really varied menu, but in my opinion the food didn't really live up to the hype (or the queue); but it's an exciting place to visit  for something different to do on a Saturday morning as breakfast is definitely more fun with friends.

Have any of you ever visited The Breakfast Club? What did you guys think?

Steve. x