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April 3rd | 2018
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You don’t often hear about clothing brands creating pieces with the environment in mind; you do however hear a great deal about the effect the clothing industry has on our environment. When GANT approached me about collaborating on their new line of shirts in which they’re consciously using recycled materials, I was super keen to be part of it.

The shirts are woven from SEAQUALTM, which is a unique ingredient fibre brand created from upcycled plastics collected from the sea to make a polyester filament. It makes sense for a brand who has a strong connection with maritime living to launch the GANT Beacons project. The project itself establishes the idea of their vision for sustainability but also commitment to timeless products. Brian Grevy GANT’s Chief Marketing officer explains their approach perfectly: 

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Through GANT Beacons Project we are launching an entirely new process of creating beautiful products with a conscious, sustainable approach, which will further grow and evolve over time. We’re determined to take responsibility and to do our part to make our planet better, because the ocean’s business is everyone’s business… Water will not only be a focus for 2018, it is here to stay as it has been ingrained into our DNA for a very long time. We care about the water since it is one of the foundations for life.
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When the shirt arrived I was excited to see how it felt. Something that’s created from plastic fibres doesn’t initially bring to mind ‘soft’ but I was pleasantly surprised. The shirt is soft to touch and combined with GANT’s classic cut very comfortable to wear. I’ve recently been leaning to more of a classic than streetwear style and with the warmer weather (hopefully) coming our way it’s a good transition piece which can be layered but also worn on it’s own too. I’m excited to promote a project that is trying to do it’s part for the environment. Take a look the Chambray Oxford Shirt

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’m now using a reusable bottle and I encourage you to replace your everyday plastic bottle with one too! Let me know your thoughts on sustainable fashion in the comments below. 

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This post is in collaboration with GANT, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.