Shopping with Louis

September 20th | 2013


So I met up with Louis and we travelled to Carnaby Street in London to shoot a styling video for my channel. Louis doesn't really have many clothes other than the Find the Nomads t-shirts and he's not really that fussed about Fashion, but he wants to look good with minimal effort, so I had a chore on my hands.

I love Carnaby street, there is a real mix of shops and also some really great places to grab a coffee and food. I particularly like The Diner which is themed around old american diners, if you're into good burgers, hard shakes and chilli cheese fries then its the place for you. Anyway, so Louis and I hit a few shops on Carnaby street and we managed to snag his first item. A pair of Vans Authentic's from the Vans store. Now Louis doesn't usually wear non high top trainers but when he tried these on he was super impressed with how comfortable they were. I picked these because Louis doesn't really wear more than one pair of shoes and I wanted to go for something that was casual enough to wear everyday with his current attire, but also double up and be worn with smarter chinos, jeans and shirts etc. (they are also a great shoe for Penny boarding, which is a plus!).

With Louis' budget being £100 it was a little difficult to find a complete outfit on Carnaby street. So we headed over to some of the major high street shops on Oxford street and Regent street. We ended up in Uniqlo, which I love for staple items; shirts, jumpers, trousers. It's really great for basics, but unfortunately they wouldn't let us film in the store which was a bit of a shame as it was awesome to see Louis getting excited when trying on some of the items I picked out. We actually managed to get all of the outfits in Uniqlo, I wasn't really aiming to get any statement pieces, it was just solid items that Louis could marry up with other pieces really easily and the reason why we had such good luck in Uniqlo. We managed to get 2 shirts, 1 t-shirt and 2 pairs of chinos all for £99.50, which I thought was pretty good! Louis was very happy with the items and that we hit the budget dead on! My favourite outfit was the blue denim style shirt with the brown chinos and vans. Luckily for Louis, having dreads is quite a statement and makes a lot of things look cool!

It was a really fun day and I enjoyed having to really think about the best items for Louis as he is pretty hard to shop for. I'm happy with the final items, but most importantly Louis is and that was the aim! Make sure you check out my video Shopping with Louis if you haven't already and let me know who else you would like me to style! Also, post some comments below to let me know what you thought of this post!