Music is My...

February 16th | 2016

steve_booker_bose_is_my_1As you may have already guessed music is a big part of my life and very important within my daily routine. I like to create different playlists that reflect my mood or the work I'm doing at that moment in time. I couldn't imagine a day at work without some form of music playing in the background.

After recently moving into the new studio it's become a fun morning ritual to decide which playlist will begin our day. I'm a bit of a sound snob and would always have quality over volume, which means these Bose speakers are great for creating an awesome sound that fills the studio but doesn't throw off our concentration. When I can't listen to music on the speakers, if Jake is taking a phone call or when editing, I'll use these headphones to create my own work bubble through the music I'm listening to; it also allows me to edit without disturbing anyone else.

Some of my playlists also remind me of certain times in my life or how I was feeling when I put them together. Even before the blog I’d always created playlists for myself and then had a thought people might share the same music taste. This idea begun my monthly playlists on the blog and although since my blog has grown and life has got slightly busier I’ve started to put them out every few months, I will always go back and listen to that first playlist to remind myself of where the idea begun and to inspire me to keep creating more content.

What kind of music inspires you to work?

Steve. x

This post was made possible by Bose. Find out more about their wireless headphones and speakers