Made By The Sea

July 9th | 2017
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Can you remember the last time you went completely offline? I couldn’t either until I travelled to the Isle of Skye last month with Talisker Whisky. We went totally off grid for 24 hours, something that would normally fill me with slight digital addiction anxiety, but ended up being refreshingly liberating. 

We sailed on the Lady of Avenel for three hours and when we reached Talisker Bay, we hiked into the hills for another three hours. 

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Our group was split into three teams: GB, Germany and Italy. Mitch our guide helped us forage for flowers and herbs that help us create our teams cocktail once we reached the Wilderness Bar at the end of the hike. 

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Even though it rained for most of our hike, it made arriving at the camp even more rewarding. We arrived to a village of tents in the middle of the wilderness. We quickly dried off and got to work creating our signature team GB cocktail with our bartender Ryan. We created the cocktail using Talisker Ten and the foraged herbs we picked up on our hike, naming it ‘Heart Land’. After tasting the other teams drinks we sat down for a meal with everyone at the camp. It was such a unique experience to chat and meet new people when you’re not distracted by your phone in any way at all. After dinner we watched the sun go down sitting around the fire. Accompanied with a dram of whisky to the evening with then headed back to our bell tents.

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In the morning we then hiked an hour back to the Lady of Avenel and sailed right up to the Talisker distillery. I’d never actually visited a distillery before and was excited to see the whole process of how they make the whisky itself. 

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After freshening up we then went on the distillery tour. I found the whole tour really fascinating. The tour explored everything to do with Talisker whisky, from the landscape that surrounds the distillery to the heritage of the Talisker name, it wasn’t just an explanation of how the whiskey is made. 

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After the tour we all sat to have the first ever sit down meal within the distillery itself. The dishes were inspired by the flavours of the whisky and the surrounding areas which made a perfect ending to a complete unique trip. 

This trip was like no other I’ve been on to date and definitely one that was about experiencing everything that goes into creating Talisker. It wasn’t just about the final product itself, but about the heritage of the people who create it. By the end I felt like our little group had grown closer together and were left with truly unique memories that will definitely stay with me for a long time. 

SB. x 

This post is sponsored by Talisker however all thoughts and opinions are my own.