Keeping it Simple - Coachella Outfit Day 1

April 23rd | 2016


Oversized American Apparel T-shirt | American Apparel Shorts | Vans Zebra Slip-On 59 LX | Garrett Leight Sunglasses

I love music festivals, there's something about being outside, listening to great music and sharing that moment with everyone around you. This was our second time to Coachella and though you don't have to prepare for rain and mud; you do have to think about the heat. The festival is held in Coachella Valley which is mostly desert so the heat at times is pretty intense. On the first day I wanted to keep it simple with a pair of shorts and white t-shirt that I picked up from American Apparel. However I still wanted to wear something fun and  in-keeping with some of the wild festival outfits, so I chose my Vault by Vans Classic Zebra print Slip-Ons. As you guys know I'm a fan of keeping my style pretty clean and with the weather being so flipping hot that's exactly what I wanted to do for the first day of Coachella.

I hope you liked my Day 1 outfit, day 2 and 3 coming soon!

Steve. x