Handpicked Apps Overview

November 23rd | 2014


This is my last post for American Express Handpicked®, it’s been great fun going through these apps and testing them out. I thought I would give you my favourite feature for each of the apps.

The iBook imagery and layout is beautiful and you can keep looking through it even when you’ve finished. I love the ProCam as you have control over the camera settings and it gives you more freedom over the images you’re shooting, also you can check out the effect filters as you can see in my ProCam post. Halftone is really fun and I can think of so many scenarios where you could use this; like creating themed birthday cards or messages! Facetune is also great and it never gets old morphing your own face or even better your friends, so lots of laughter to be had here!

I’ve really enjoyed this series on my blog and hope you have too! Remember if you’re an Amex Cardmember you can get all of these apps and more for free and also check the other apps on offer here:

Steve. x

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