Handpicked Apps

November 19th | 2014


I’m currently working with American Express who is offering free content to all of their Cardmembers through their American Express Handpicked® initiative. What this means is each month, Amex give away free content to Cardmembers through iTunes. I’m extremely excited as over the next week I’m going to be adventuring around London, demoing the iBook and three new Apps and letting you guys know what I think of them. Also, another great thing is that if you’re an Amex Cardmember you can download all of this content completely free! Below are the Apps I will be talking you through over the next week.

1) Fashion Ads of the 20th Century by Taschen
2) ProCam
3) Halftone
4) Facetune

I’m looking forward to trying these out and if you want to find out more go to:

Steve. x

This post is sponsored by American Express.