Google Glass

June 29th | 2014


Yesterday myself, Alexia, Jake, Ben & Nicole ventured up to London to test out Google Glass, I was super excited as this is the first time Glass has come to the UK for public use. The event was in King's Cross and we queued eagerly to get ours hands (or actually eyes) on it. My first impression was that Google are one of the best at holding events like this, beginning with some super friendly people handing out the most delicious finger food. My favourite was the chocolate carrot, sounds weird I know but tasted amazing! They also had a fridge full of ice cold beverages, I gladly helped myself to the cold brew!

So they initially had me at the food but then we were led in, given a pair  for ourselves and shown a few basic gestures on Glass, which is all they needed to do. It was amazingly easy to get the hang of; I think the feature that blew my mind was how clear the screen was as I really wasn't expecting it. There were a couple of things that really stood out for me, the first was the "ok glass, show me the stars" command. This showed you a live view of the entire star constellation and as you moved your head, it gave you a live view of what you were looking at - just awesome! The other element was the language translation; I was able to look at a sign in Spanish and it would give me a realtime view of the translation as I was looking at the sign, which blew my mind.

Overall it was amazing to experience Glass first hand and to really get a feel for it, I'm excited for the future and to see how it will be developed even further with the likes of shrinking it down, more choice of frames etc. I can't wait to do my first outfit post including Google Glass as my choice of frames. What do you guys think of it, would you wear Glass at as an everyday item?

Steve. x