Girls Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas

December 3rd | 2015


This is the first Christmas Alexia and I are going to share as husband and wife. I love giving Christmas presents and for this one I wanted to buy her something really special. Even though I’m usually pretty good at choosing presents for Alexia, I always consult her family and friends to see what they think about my potential present choice. This year I’ve also teamed up with Pandora for a little bit of extra help to find her that special gift. I feel like when you give a piece of jewellery it’s something someone can wear on special occasions or even every day and think of the person who gave it to them when they wear it.

I also used the help of Pandora’s Gift Finder tool, it was a great help as it makes you narrow down the type of jewellery you want to buy, as I sometimes find the amount of choice slightly overwhelming, so this definitely helped me with my choice and the tool is very simply and intuitive to use.

You essentially answer a few quick questions about the gift, who it is for, the occasion and style of recipient, and then you’re offered a selection of suitable gifts! If you’re still struggling you can ask for a second opinion from family members of friends of the recipient by earmarking certain products and then asking them to choose their preferred option.

I finally decided on the Openwork Bow Charm amongst a few other pieces, I know that Alexia will love these, as although they make a statement they’re still really delicate designs.

I hope you enjoyed this festive post and hope you all enjoy these holidays.

Are you thinking about giving any special presents for anyone this year?

Steve x