Freshly Groomed

June 26th | 2015


Today’s post is all about male grooming,  I’m a big fan of anything that makes you feel fresh and takes the hassle out of daily routine tasks like shaving. I’ve teamed up with the great people at Floris London to review three of their products; shaving oil, moisturiser and face wash. These are all from their No. 89 range and especially designed for men.

I tried out the face wash first; all of the No.89 Gentleman Floris products have a great fragrance which isn’t too overpowering! I used this before I shaved and it’s recommended to be used morning and evening so waking you up and then cleaning your face at the end of the day. The foaming element of the wash means that it leaves you feeling refreshed which is definitely something I need to wake me up first thing in the morning!

I then followed the face wash with the shaving oil, I actually prefer oils to foams as I feel like they enable you to get a better shave and there is less product to deal with. You dampen your face, pump two pumps of oil into your palm and then massage in your beard area. The oil enables you to glide the razor over your face effortlessly taking up less of your time especially if you’re someone that shaves every day.

I then followed with the moisturiser; I’m not a big fan of products that leave your face shiny and also have a way too over powering smell. This one is really lightweight and though it smells good it isn’t over powering at all.

Overall I really liked using each of the Floris Gentleman products, they had a great mix of subtle fragrances, which allowed me to wash my face, shave and moisturise and really enjoy every part of the process.

Have you ever tried any Floris Gentleman products? If you’re interested in other parts of the Gentleman Floris range from fragrances to face wash check out the Gentleman Floris Lookbook here.

Steve. x