Facetune & Halftone

November 22nd | 2014

steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_1steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_2steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_3steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_4steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_5steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_6steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_7steve_booker_amex_facetune_halftone_8I decided to use the next two apps I’m testing from American Express Handpicked® together. Facetune allows you to edit selfies and photos. I wanted to use it in a comical way as it gives you the ability to manipulate the image completely; you could even remove a blemish if you wanted to as the editing features are that good, but I would say definitely go down the fun images route with this app. The other app I used was Halftone, it allows you to collate your images in a comic strip style where you can add words and annotate onto the photos. It’s a great app to share a different kind of image with your friends and as you can see from the images above you can have a lot of fun with it too. If you’re an Amex Cardmember you can download both these apps for free!

Have you ever used these apps? What did you think?

Steve. x

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