Crema Coffee, Nashville

December 9th | 2015


So I recently took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with Alexia and our good friends Nicole and Lauren. Why Nashville you ask... well the ladies love the show Nashville and wanted to go and explore the music city for a few days so I tagged along. I'd heard of the coffee shop Crema before and this was definitely the place I was most looking forward to checking out.

Crema is a really awesome little coffee shop, I loved the aesthetic, layout of the shop and thought it was really well designed. They also have their own coffee training and roastery and if I'd had more time I definitely would have checked it out! Whilst I was snapping pictures I actually got chatting to a guy called Ben, he was re-stocking the shelves with a new coffee and was taking pictures for their site. Ben was actually the Co-Owner of Crema and was a super nice guy. It was so awesome to see how involved Ben was and after having a brief chat with him, you could tell that Crema was his vision that had come to life. Obviously the coffee was absolutely delicious and we got there at such a great time as the sun was shooting through the windows and creating some beautiful shadows. Crema also have a little coffee shop in Pinewood Social, which is a stones throw away. Pinewood Social is also definitely worth checking out. Imagine good coffee, old school looking bowling alleys, good food and an awesome atmosphere. The only down side for me was that my wife beat at bowling...

So if you're ever in Nashville, definitely drop in to Crema Coffee and Pinewood Social too, also say hi to Ben from me.

Steve. x