Copenhagen with O2 Travel

August 13th | 2014


So I recently took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been once before and loved it so I was super excited to be visiting again! Copenhagen is awesome; if you're into design, coffee and fashion like me then it's the place for you! I'm a big fan of minimal design, which the Danish are killer at pulling off. I think one of the best things about Copenhagen that I noticed were the people, everyone is so friendly and will always go out of their way to help you out.

I went with my good friend Jake and stayed at Hotel SP34 which was a fantastic hotel; the staff were excellent and very helpful. It's also a short walk away from the main center of town so I would highly recommend it.  When I'm traveling in Europe and don't  know the city, I want to be able to use my phone to find things, which I usually find a real pain. However as I mentioned in my 'Travel Essentials' blog post O2 have an amazing deal where you only pay £1.99 per day for all the travel data you need. There is nothing worse then not being able to use your phone to look things up / find the location of things when you're away, so this was amazingly helpful!

Jake and I used the TripAdvisor city guide and maps on the O2 travel app to visit some great places around the city. Some of the highlights of my trip were visiting places like Soulland where I was able to talk to the guys there and find out more about the brand; we also visited a barber shop called Barberen i Vognmagergade and has been running as a barbers since 1937! It was an amazing weekend trip and I feel like I'm going to be revisiting the city of Copenhagen very soon!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and let me know if any of you are from or have been to Copenhagen.

Steve. x