Contrasting Colours

January 24th | 2014


One of my most asked questions has to be, "Steve where did you get your orange raincoat from?!" So I thought I would feature it in an outfit post and here it is. This outfit is pretty simple and focus' on the pops of colour, I love the contrast between the orange, blues and grey. It makes them really stand out. I would wear this outfit on the slightly milder days in England when you don't need to wear over 100 layers! Light blue jeans and desert boots are pretty much a staple of mine, I love them and would highly recommend owning these 2 items.

1. Levis orange rain jacket 2. Uniqlo Blue Shirt 3. Nudie light blue jeans 4. Clarks Originals grey desert boots 5. Oliver Peoples spectacles

Let me know what your favourite colours are right now in the comments.