Brand Highlight : 66°North

November 29th | 2017
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66°North are a brand that I could talk to you about until the cows come home! I was introduced to them on my first trip to Iceland by my good friend and fellow photographer Benjamin Hardman (he also snapped these images of me). One thing I always think, is just because you're heading into crazy conditions doesn't mean you want to compromise your style and in my opinion 66°North have really nailed that- they're pretty much the only technical outdoor apparel brand that I wear.

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The garment quality is outstanding, as the brand's original purpose was to make protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen and workers braving the North Atlantic elements. So goes without saying that 66°North are the brand you want when on your epic cold adventures.

I can honestly say that I've seriously put all of the garments to the test, from winter missions around Iceland and Finland with temperatures falling to -18°c; to Snowboarding trips in the Alps and the Canadian mountains. I really wouldn't want anything else for the job. I'm always confident that I have the correct gear to get me through these trips.

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Just because you're heading into crazy conditions doesn't mean you want to compromise your style.
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I admire the heritage of 66°North and love how you can still see it plays a big role in the brand's identity, however at the same time they also have their finger on the pulse when it comes to current trends. This results in seriously capable technical gear that doesn't compromise on style.

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I think when it comes to braving the elements and being prepared for any adventure you want to tackle, in my opinion I wouldn't compromise on price and would recommend investing in outdoor gear that lasts and 66°North are a brand that I will continually vouch for as being the best for this.

You can find all of the items I'm wearing in the images on the 66°North website, or you can click the product images above.

I hope you've enjoyed this brand highlight post and here's to the next adventure!

SB. x