bPay by Barclaycard

September 1st | 2015

steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_1steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_2steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_3steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_4steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_5steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_6steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_7steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_8steve_booker_bpay_by_barclaycard_9For today’s post I’ve partnered with bPay by Barclaycard to preview their new devices; they enable you to make transactions up to the value of £30 via contactless, making life that little bit easier if you’re travelling on public transport or grabbing lunch in a hurry. There are three options you can choose from: the bPay wristbandbPay sticker and bPay fobAlexia and I took a trip up to London for a day of shopping and exploring around Oxford Street to try them out.

The first item I tried (which also turned out to be my favourite) was the bPay wristband; it was so easy to glide through the ticket barriers at train stations without having to reach for my wallet or ticket. The great thing is because it’s on your wrist it enables you to just reach out to the card machine/ticket barrier and pay instantly. It was such a good feeling to walk into Urban Outfitters, buy a shirt and pay using the band on my wrist.

With all three devices you choose how much money you want to load using the bPay app. As the app is on your phone I found it really easy to top up if I needed to without any hassle; the interface is very simple and allows you to check the individual balance of your three devices at any time. They all have their own wallet, so it’s super easy to keep track of what you’ve spent on which device. I also thought it's a clever way to set a daily spending limit!

The bPay fob and bPay sticker also came in handy. The bPay fob is perfect as you mostly always have your keys on you, meaning that you would never be without the facility to pay for things if you had your keys. The bPay sticker is the subtlest of the three and I thought was best put on your phone which I’m never normally without. Both work in the same way as the wristband and enable you to speed through paying for things with ease. I had a great day in London, exploring was definitely made speedier and more efficient by using bPay.

What do you guys think about new wearable payment technology?

Steve. x