Autumn Walks

November 18th | 2015


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Basel in Switzerland. One of my favourite places was this tree lined path heading out from the centre of the city, along the river. So I thought it would be the perfect place for an outfit post. This is my favourite time of year when the leaves are really rich colours and it's warm enough to just wear a light jacket, which this Apolis Archive Field Jacket is perfect for. I'd been looking for a green military style jacket for a while and I'm really happy with this purchase. I'd also been looking for some new boots and I found these Marsell boots in Barcelona and they're great for walking around exploring new cities as they're unbelievably comfortable. My jeans also sit nicely with them too, which is a plus! I got these from Dr Denim and they're the Snap fit; they're great as they have a little bit of movement in the denim so they're a dream to wear. Under my jacket I went for the Beams Plus Waffle Knit, this is one of my favourite long sleeve tops at the moment, it's really great quality and I love the fit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit post and keep an eye out as I've got lots more posts coming over the next few weeks.

What's your favourite city to explore at this time of year?

Steve. x