Alexia's Christmas Gift Ideas

December 14th | 2015

For this post I thought I would share with you guys how I decided on which gifts to give Alexia for her early Christmas presents. Pandora has a gifting tool on their website which allows you to tell them who you’re buying for, which occasion and what kind of jewellery style they are too, but most uniquely allows you to get the opinion of friends and family before buying a specific piece, so you can be 100% certain sure of your choice!

I found this a massive help to narrow down the kind of jewellery I wanted to give Alexia for our first Christmas as husband and wife because I could then go through the options on the Pandora website, highlight the options and then send a link to friends and family for their input on my final decision!

Alexia loved the Christmas Pearl Gift Set as it’s the kind of classic jewellery choice that she would chose to wear to work and also wear both earrings and necklace for a special occasion. Through the help of the gifting tool I picked a Pandora bracelet and then used the tool to get the input of her friends and family to choose the charms I thought were memorable to us and this time of year too. I think anything that gives you a little bit of help choosing important presents for Christmas is great, as it takes some of the stress away from that decision making process!

I’m so pleased Alexia liked her presents and I’m glad I decided to give them to her a little earlier so she can wear them for whole Christmas season.

Are you planning on buying any special presents this year?

Steve x

 In partnership with Pandora.