A Tribute to Palermo

September 8th | 2015


I was recently invited by Nespresso to visit Palermo with my good friend Alex; the trip was to celebrate the launch of Nespresso's limited edition capsule, Tribute to Palermo, which is a tribute to this classic Italian city.

During our trip we explored the city taking in its history but also the sounds and smells that all create the classic Italian culture. From little side streets lined with people's washing and busy balconies to the bustling market, that had the most colourful and fresh produce you could find. During our visit we found a small cafe hidden down a side street called Torrefazione, which had been established in Palermo for over 40 years. As Alex and I walked in we were greeted by the warm nutty smell of the coffee beans being roasted, which happened right within the cafe. It was amazing to see the whole process and then to try the coffee itself, right next to where the beans had been roasted; the roasting machine had also been in the cafe for over 40 years!

One of the interesting things about the coffee culture in Palermo and in general in Italy is that coffee is something to be enjoyed on the go, you stand at a bar to take your coffee; it is a way of life which just adds to the amazing culture they have in Palermo. After exploring the city we met with Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso and Alexis Rodriguez, Head of Coffee Development at Nespresso. They gave me the opportunity to try the limited edition Nespresso capsule which is fittingly called Tribute to Palermo, and also the opportunity to ask them lots of questions about the entire coffee making process. The amazing thing was that all of the smells, sounds and tastes that I had experienced walking around the city were brought back to me while tasting the Nespresso Tribute to Palermo coffee, which really showed the amount of attention to detail that Nespresso had whilst creating this limited edition capsule.

Check out Nespresso's video of our trip above and keep an eye out for my video of the trip which will be up on my YouTube channel soon!

What's your favourite type of coffee?

Steve. x