A Letter to my Younger Self.

February 10th | 2017

Hey Steve,

How ya doing?

You’re currently 17 and, knowing you, right now you’re probably sleeping in and waking up just in time to get to work with 2 minutes to spare. Unfortunately, your ability to get up on time in the morning won’t be getting much better, but I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know that a few things definitely will change within the next 10 years...

You know that girl you’ve just started dating? The one who gave you the CD of all your favourite songs before you travelled to America for the first time? Believe it or not, this girl is now your wife! I won’t reveal how long you should wait before you ask her this particular question, but I will tell you, listen to what she has to say early on. You guys will soon share your life together and that means you need to communicate, especially as you’ll soon be travelling a great deal. Make sure you remember some of these little things she said to make her feel special.

That’s actually one of the reasons why your relationship will last, because you’re not scared to tell each other how you’re feeling. For example, admit when you are feeling super stressed, that way she can help or give you the space you need.

While you are already in a good way relationship-wise, your instincts for style still have to be unveiled. Here are a few lessons to keep in mind – trust me, I am sort of an expert now:

Make sure you leave a good lasting impression on people In order to do so, you need to look your best. That goes for fashion and grooming. This beard that’s still pretty sparse on some areas right now will fill in, but remember, there’s a fine line between showing pride in your very first beard and not looking your best. Always make sure that its length is at a happy well-groomed medium. Also that aftershave you just bought, make sure you wear it on the daily, it’s really useful to leave a great impression on anyone you meet, especially your girl. You’ll be amazed at how a certain scent can bring back memories of your first date, even many years after its happened, but back to where we were…

In few years’ time, you’ll start a men’s style blog as a creative outlet You’ll build up a great community of like-minded people and get inspiration from friends and followers - both on - and offline. There’s this great site called Pinterest which will influence your style, hobbies and interests.

But for now, let’s start at the base of every style endeavour: It’s best to choose one or two base colours which go with everything. Then accessories can be bought in shades of these colours, so they match everything else. Don’t be scared to experiment though, sometimes it’s good to try something new.

It may seem a long way off, but adulthood means you’ll need to start thinking about a job that you’re passionate about. So when it comes to your career, don’t be shy and make sure you always make an effort; you want people to remember you. Also, it’s okay to be overdressed for an important meeting.

On the career note - you're not the best at getting up on time, so don’t watch that extra TV program the night before you have a big interview. And that phone that doesn’t do much right now is going to have all the apps to keep you up well into the night, keep it out of the room and it will provide you with a little bit of headspace Allow yourself some headspace.

You’ll be travelling a lot in the not too distant future as well. Make sure you have the essentials with you, like a good shaving kit to make you look your best. Do your research on what shaver works for you - I would suggest electric & rechargeable, they’re fast, give you a close, smooth shave and are way easier to take with you. You’ll soon understand that a shave is a great way to make you feel more awake and overcome that jet lag. If you struggle to choose, ask your friends or family as they’re a good source of knowledge.

All in all, I want you to grasp every opportunity that comes your way. When you meet someone you want to speak to, get over there and get talking. You’ll be amazed by the opportunities that have come about through the people you’ve met and encouraged yourself to speak to.

So that’s my advice to you, younger Steve, and also, don’t worry everything will turn out OK in the end!

Keep on truckin' younger Steve,


Older (slightly wiser) Steve.

So the idea behind this was that Braun has asked me to write a series of tips, offering some of my best advice to young me. Drawing on my own experience, I’ve tried to make them practical and fun. So let me know what you think.

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Braun also challenged me to write a letter to my younger self, 17 year old Steve. It was really fun reminiscing and in hindsight, I kind of wish I had known then what I do now… While you might have to make your own experiences and figure out some tips on love and style yourself, a little bit of, lifestyle, fashion, shaving and grooming help along the way is always useful!

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