48hrs in Canterbury

December 3rd | 2017
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I thought it was about time I explored another town slightly closer to home! I finally decided upon Canterbury, it’s a UK city I’ve never visited before and was just under an hour from St Pancras International. Just like my visit to Hastings in the summer I partnered with Southeastern for this trip too. I’ve mentioned this before, but I find travelling by train a super productive way to travel. It gives me the opportunity to have a block of time where I can get a good amount of work done before getting out and exploring.

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Alexia and I stayed at Abode Hotel, which is right in the centre of Canterbury and perfect positioning to explore the town around it. After settling into our room, we headed out to dinner at Cafe des Amis, as we’d randomly heard it was one of Orlando Bloom’s favourite restaurants when he lived in Canterbury?! It’s a lively Mexican restaurant, filled with quirky artwork on the walls and a busy but friendly atmosphere. I would definitely recommend ordering the burrito and churros for dessert! After dinner we walked home back to the hotel through Westgate tower, which was a pretty awesome place. 

The next morning we headed over the road to a great little café called Kitch. It’s an awesome café right in the middle of the high street, which uses locally sourced ingredients and the staff are super friendly. Definitely try to grab the seat in the window as it’s the perfect place to people watch. Breakfast was followed by exploring the older part of the town and taking a walk down the Kings Mile to the Cathedral. It’s a place with so much history and as we entered through the large doorway I was amazed at how peaceful it was inside.

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We then headed across town for a coffee at Garage Coffee, which is actually within a co-working space! After refuelling, we headed to Water Lane Coffee to book our punting trip. Punting was surprisingly a highlight of the day, we headed up river to the countryside instead of into the town. It was a great juxtaposition from the bustling town and as there was no one else on the waterway at the time, it was a really chilled part of the day. 

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Our second to last stop was the The Goods Shed, which is right by the station. It’s an old station house filled with independent sellers from cheese mongers to butchers and has a big community feeling from the moment you walk in. We decided upon Johnny’s Sandwiches and were not disappointed; they even reopened for us, which we really appreciated! After chilling in The Goods Shed for a while we walked the two minute walk to Canterbury West station to head home. 

Canterbury really surprised me and is definitely a great place to visit for a short break! Let me know if there’s any other UK cities you’d like us to visit?

SB. x

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This post is sponsored by Southeastern, however all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.