Five Best Wedding Memories

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So I’m really excited to finally share some images and memories of our wedding with you guys on here. I’m going to be doing two posts about the wedding, this one will be covering some of the best memories I have from the day and my next post will be all about the style and going through the wedding attire. Also Alexia is posting different images and posts over on her blog, so head over to for more wedding goodness.

1.) Seeing Alexia come down the aisle

I have been looking forward to this moment for years, I deliberately didn’t want to know anything about Alexia’s dress and kept everything a complete surprise. It was definitely the best surprise I could have ever imagined and more! The moment I saw her walking down that aisle I couldn’t quite believe I was the lucky guy who was getting to marry her. It’s definitely the happiest I’ve ever been, ever.

2.) Having my friend Josh Record sing Alexia down the aisle

I managed to convince my good friend Josh to sing in the church as Alexia was coming in and whilst we signed the register. Josh is unbelievably talented and is not only one of my favourite artists but one of my friends, so it just felt really special. He also did such an amazing cover of Alexia and I’s favourite song which just blew me away. Hearing him sing, whilst my soon to be wife walked down the aisle was the most incredible combo. (Thank you Josh!)

3.) Arriving at the venue

After the wedding ceremony, Alexia and I left together and travelled the short distance to the venue just the two of us. We arrived before anyone else, were greeted with champagne and just walked around together, enjoying being alone for a few minutes before everyone else arrived. Those of you who are married will know that on your wedding day you don’t get much time alone to take everything in, so we felt really fortunate to enjoy this first few moments as Mr & Mrs.

4.) Being announced as Mr & Mrs Booker

I’ll always remember the moment that Jake, my best man announced us into the room for the first time as Mr & Mrs Booker. It was such a great feeling and at the same time a little surreal. Alexia and I have been together for a long time and I’d so looked forward to being Mr & Mrs Booker. I think this was the first moment it had sunk in: Alexia was now Mrs Booker, it meant a lot to me for Alexia to take my name as I come from a family of girls and each of them have always taken their partner’s names.

5.) Evening reception

We had finished the meal, the speeches were over, all of the pressure from the day had seemed to melt away and we could enjoy ourselves with our friends and family dancing the night away. It was just EPIC!

All photography by Peach & Jo

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and keep and eye out for more weddings posts from Alexia too.

Steve. x

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  • Jennifer Dee

    The second to last photo 😍❤️ So beautiful and so happy xx

  • So cute <3

    Enjoy your Day 😉

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • Sylène Chaussée

    Congratulations, it’s amazing wedding, Alexia are so pretty, love from France !

    • Thank you, Sylène! I know, I’m a lucky man 🙂 x

  • Glenn Cas

    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Congrats to both of you – looks like a beautiful day!

  • Loved the photos!!

  • Tyson Mayr

    Amazing guys!! 🙂

    • Cheers bro, hope you’re having fun back home! x

  • This was beautiful Steve! Best wishes to you both 🙂 I recently got married and keep looking back at our photos and video to relieve the day!

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    • Thanks so much Hanh, It’s the best isn’t it! x

      • Yes it is! xx

  • Amazing pictures Steve! So happy for both of you! Can’t wait for more photos :))

    • Thank you Bogusia! So glad you liked the pictures x

  • Love it Steve! Congrats!

  • Amazing blog post Steve. Love the photography and everything this blog is about. This has inspired me to create something that explores the world of lifestyle and creativity and I have launched my own creative lifestyle magazine on Kickstarter yesterday I wouldn’t of launched the campaign if it wasn’t for this blog. Thanks, would be great if your could check my campaign out.

    • Hey Conor, thanks for your kind words and I will check the campaign out.

      • Thank you Steve, it would be great to here your feedback.

      • Thank you Steve, it would be great to here your feedback.

    • Hey Conor, thanks for your kind words and I will check the campaign out.

  • Ozza Okuonghae

    Very happy for you Mr & Mrs Booker. Looked incredible and i’m wishing you both the best futures together. I see the two of you building an empire! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Kati

    Congratulations! The photos are lovely! <3

  • Josh

    Great photos steve! are you going to do a blog on the wedding attire and style be awesome to check out!

  • BDM Odyssey

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