I’m Steve. I’m a lover of fashion, design, photography, technology, people, good food and good coffee! This blog is my outlet to explore all these things at once and also in greater detail separately. I hope you enjoy reading and if you do, be sure leave some comments, this way you can let me know what things you would like me to post about. Also, make sure keep up to date by following what I’m up to on the below networks.

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Where are you from / based?

London, UK

Why did you start this blog?

Because I wanted a place where I could share and write about the products / experiences I love, so that maybe other people can love them too! If you’re thinking about starting a blog, my first bit of advice would be to base it on something you’re passionate about. The rest will be easy!

Did you go to university?

Nope, I didn’t I pursued a ‘build up your portfolio and work extremely hard’ route. It’s not for everyone and I’m definitley not against going to Uni!

Do you run Find the Nomads?

Yes, but not alone! It’s a collaboration between myself, Louis Cole and Jake Evans. It’s super fun!

What camera(s) do you use?

I use a few cameras, mostly my Canon 5D MK III with 24-70mm 2.8f lens, also a 35mm 1.4f prime. For vlogging I use either the Canon G7x, Sony RX100 MK4 and my 5D.

What software do you use to edit your images / videos?

For images I use Adobe Lightroom 5 for colouring and library but I also use Photoshop CS6 for other bits. For my YouTube videos I use Adobe Premiere.